The coalface: Cameron-Tull shows Fortitude what's real

by 15 Dec 2011

Kelly Cameron-Tull has put ambitious growth plans on the agenda for Get Real Finance, with an almost empty premises in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley just waiting to be filled.

Cameron-Tull said the business would aim to number between four and five mortgage brokers over the next two to three years, an increase from the current focus on herself alone.

"We bought a new commercial premises mid-last year, so we don't have any pressure, and our goal is to keep building the business and grow into upstairs and downstairs," she said.

Having moved out of the bottom floor of a renovated house in the Windsor/Wilson area, the new Fortitude Valley location is convenient for clients all over Brisbane, and is densely populated.

The business employs a loan processer who handles overflow broking work, with Cameron-Tull's husband - a former director of elevator company Otis - filling a role as operations manager.

However, Cameron-Tull aims to grow this business headcount from the beginning of 2012.

Cameron-Tull said one of the additions next year may be a 'young person', potentially social media savvy, who she will be able to train up to accreditation with major lenders.

"For the longevity of the business, we need to recruit new and young people into the industry and transfer our skills to them - people just aren't doing that now," she said.

Cameron-Tull said the expansion would put her husband's developed skills as a manager to better use, and would also give her time in future to adapt her work day around her new child.

As part of the expansion, Get Real Finance will commence advertising to expand on its current referral reliance, and provide work for the business' new loan writers.

Cameron-Tull suggested equipping a car with the Get Real Finance brand name and driving around Fortitude Valley would be one way for the business to attract local clients.

Get Real Finance has managed to survive tough times in Brisbane and Queensland, with consistent sales volumes that will be $10m ahead of last year's figures. Cameron-Tull said this was due to a diverse client base, as well as providing service consistantly and well.

"We manage to manage the client all the time through regular client reviews - we touch customers six or seven times a year - and so there is very little run-off of trail", she said.

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