The coalface: Mortgage broker adds life coaching

by 23 Jan 2012

Most brokers would assume new clients who walk through the door are coming to them purely to service their finance needs - but not so Nicole Seagren of Vision Finance, based in Melbourne.

"My theory is that the broking part of the role is only 30% of what a client is coming to us for," she said.

An MPA Top 100 Broker, Seagren said that clients are looking for more, and she sees an opportunity for expansion through providing advice on how clients can improve their lives, and providing processes to help them move forward in life and feel the sense of happiness they aspire to.

In fact, this year Seagren will be formalising a life coaching arm of her business, a service that she currently runs as an addendum to the core broking offering but has not actively marketed or branded.

"It's really an added service. When people come to talk about investing, another part of that is actually taking that step, despite the risk and uncertainty that it involves."

Seagren said this takes a 'special type of person', one that is able to effectively handle these thoughts.

Currently, Seagren is working through a life coaching Diploma, and has also completed a general business course she says will assist in developing this business. She plans to integrate life coaching with the mortgage broking offering.

Vision Finance operates on a 'referral only' model, which Seagren proudly displays as part of her business marketing material. At present, the vast majority of business comes from investors and upgraders.

This year, the business will be consolidating its brand among this referral base, having moved to a shopfront in Mount Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula from a previous office location in Frankston nine months ago.

"This is an area where we have a number of valued clients, so while we are not looking for walk-ins, the presence when we get referred helps. It is a branding element," she said.

But for Seagren, it will be training that will remain critical to her personal and business success this year.

"I have an annual plan where I've set up training in a number of areas outside of CPD. These are business courses, customer service courses, workshops - anything I can add that is outside of day-to-day broking."

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