The five mistakes you didn't know you were making

by Mackenzie McCarty29 Nov 2012

Superfund Pro’s Peter Dunworth has outlined five key areas where mortgage brokers are commonly making mistakes – and says now is the time to step up the game.

In an exclusive Australian Broker TV inteview, Dunworth says many brokers are still living in fear after the GFC, but that now is actually a positive time to be in the industry.

“This is the best time to be a mortgage broker, because there is a huge opportunity under NCCP to really turn things around…it’s literally like 1999 all over again.”

Dunworth says it just takes a few small tweaks to improve your existing business model – and communicating the value that mortgage brokers hold for the consumer is key.

“Too many brokers fail to understand the value of their service and, in turn, to communicate their value to clients. Mortgage brokers as a whole don’t do a very good job of explaining to clients what’s actually involved in getting a loan.”

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