The spill: Brokers disappointed by Rudd defeat

by Ben Abbott28 Feb 2012

Brokers have been frustrated by the defeat of Kevin Rudd by Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Labor's leadership spill yesterday.

Brokers previously communicated their overwhelming support for Labor challenger Kevin Rudd in the leadership ballot - as well as their disappointment in the performance of Julia Gillard.

A poll conducted by Australian Broker found that 80% of brokers would have preferred Kevin Rudd to be Prime Minister today. Only 20% wised Gillard to remain leader, when forced to choose.




  • by iMac 24/02/2012 9:55:24 AM

    My preference is JOE HOCKEY

  • by Trent 24/02/2012 12:11:47 PM

    Out of those 2 I'd take Rudd. But both have proved incompetent during their reigns. Libs please.

  • by Country Broker 27/02/2012 1:02:14 PM

    Too late she is back another 18 months to wait until the people can have their say .