Trainer: Boost referrals through SMSFs

by Ben Abbott09 Feb 2012

The SMSF Academy’s Aaron Dunn said some finance brokers are "carving out a niche" in the SMSF market, enabling them to boost referrals from accountants and planners.

“They have tried to partner with people who know this area well, and what we are seeing is that even those brokers are now offering special solutions to other mortgage brokers,” Dunn said.

Having recently conducted training for National Mortgage Brokers members, Dunn said that they key is for brokers to understand the product and pitch themselves as experts to these referrers.

"They can get an understanding of it, understand where the opportunities are, and go back to their referrers and explain the applications for commercial or resi, and add value back that way."

Dunn said brokers needed to beware the amount of legal oversight that comes with the SMSF product and structure, in addition to the regular requirements of standard banking products.

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