Trainer ramps up ahead of Diploma deadline

by Adam Smith12 Apr 2012

Intellitrain has had to ramp up its assessor numbers as the 30 June diploma deadline looms for MFAA members.

The trainer’s general manager of projects and marketing, Byron Gray, has stated that Intellitrain has gone from “two or three assessors on a somewhat part-time basis” to eight to 10, with the possibility of hiring as many as 15 to get through the workload of Diploma assessments. In spite of the workload, Gray said the company anticipates no problems in completing all the assessments on time.

“We anticipated this, so in June of last year we started to ramp up our number of trainers. We also ramped up the number of assessors so we can make sure as an organisation that we’re in a position to offer the highest level of support. We’re trying to help brokers get through this as quickly as they possibly can,” Gray said.

Gray claimed the majority of MFAA members seemed well on track to completing the Diploma by the 30 June cut-off date. He said the trainer saw a spike in enrolments prior to 23 November changes to the qualifications last year, and has continued to see enrolment numbers soar.

“We had a significant influx late last year of enrolments prior to the switchover of qualifications. We’ve been rolling out face-to-face training all the way to the end of February. Based on what we see in the assessment pipeline, I can say with a good deal of confidence that they’re certainly getting through those assessments,” Gray said.

Gray said the trainer was “pulling out all the stops” to process these assessments, and was continuing to run courses and webinars for brokers yet to complete their Diploma. Though he claimed the majority of brokers were already on target to complete their Diploma ahead of the deadline, Gray said enrolments were continuing to come in. He reassured brokers who had not yet begun their Diploma process.

“There’s absolutely no reason why someone enrolling in the early part of June would not have the ability to turn around and have everything done before the end of June,” he said.

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