Trainer ups the self-study ante

by Mackenzie McCarty29 Jun 2012

A trainer has released a self-study program that reduces the time brokers take to finish qualifications.

Intellitrain says it has overhauled its self-study model to make courses more engaging, simpler to use and closer to a real classroom experience, after feedback from brokers.

The new self-study program will include interactive eLearning modules, downloadable PDFs of course units, downloadable copies of support material, and individual self-assessing quizzes.

Students will also be able to download all assessment materials and submit responses online.

According to Intellitrain, the program is a key component of its face-to-face training, and will suit brokers looking for an alternate form of course delivery if they can't attend face-to-face workshops.

Intellitrain says brokers who sit through 3-day training programs will be able to use the system when they get back to their day-to-day business to recall the content at a later time.

Intellitrain says the self-study program is available for trial on its website.