Trilogy trainees add to year-on-year growth

by Ben Abbott25 Jan 2012

ACT-based Trilogy Funding has not lost a staff member since 2008, and plans to continue its strategy of training brokers from the ground up to achieve 20% year-on-year growth.

Following the tenets of a five-year business plan, Trilogy Funding's David Thomas said he will add one additional broker to its frontline broking staff this year, bringing its broker headcount to five.

The key to its strategy for growth over five years is "cultivating" new brokers in-house.

"What we do is bring in a trainee broker ever year - we train all our own brokers in-house," Thomas said.

"We bring someone in and they start as an assistant, then go through to write their own loans. As their confidence grows, we move them into becoming a broker," he said.

Thomas said this is not a fast process; it can take 18 months to two years to bring a new broker through.

So what's the key to a zero staff turnover rate? "You find the right person, train them up properly - you nurture and educate them, and create a good relationship with them."

Thomas said the business looks for "intelligence over experience", and the last two candidates were in their late 20s.

"They have purchased houses, understand finance, are a little bit worldly, but don't have it all yet," he said. "They tend to have been out in the real world, but are not set in their ways."

Every year, Trilogy aims to start another fully trained broker, to assist the business in meeting 20% year-on-year volume growth, making the most of the new staff resources.

Trilogy Funding's core market is property investors, and it generates most business via referral.

"About 60% of all business we write is repeat business or referred to us by existing clients. About 20% comes from industry referrals, while a further 20% is from outbound marketing."

Thomas said Trilogy sticks close to its core clientele in property investment. "We market ourselves as independent experts in property investment," he said.

And for Trilogy, the market looks good for this year.

"We are viewing it positively based on interest rates and rental returns. It's the first time in a couple of year that cash flow neutral or positive properties are going to be readily available due to a decrease in interest rates - that's always when investors return to the market."

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