TV: Why you should be thinking commercial

by Ben Abbott05 Mar 2012

“My advice to all brokers, is to think commercial.”

Sound counterintuitive? Sure, the commercial market has been under pressure post-GFC, but Iain Forbes of Australian First Mortgage and other brokers and lenders involved say the market is bouncing back – and resi brokers are set to miss out on the new boom.

According to Acuity Funding’s Ranjit Thambyrajah – MPA’s Top Commercial Broker for 2011 – the commercial arena should not be shunned or ignored by residential brokers.

“I think we are in good times for commercial from a broker’s point of view. If you have a client, well clients aren’t sourcing finance that easy – so that’s a good thing for a broker. And the clients are keen to get specialist knowledge,” Thambyrajah explains.

“Especially with residential broking being a little bit oversupplied at this time, and banks not necessarily rewarding brokers as they once did – you just can’t ignore it. So, for a broker it is really important to partner themselves with an expert in the field.”

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