ValEx opens greater broker access

by Adam Smith12 Mar 2012

ValEx has promised brokers greater access to valuation information and the opportunity to provide feedback to assist valuers.

The RP Data-owned company has announced the introduction of it Valuations Status Update tracking service it says will provide brokers access to up-to-date information on the status of specific valuations. RP Data head of client relations Michael Hooper said the service would allow brokers and third parties without access to ValEx to view and track the status of valuations.

"All that’s required to view the status is the lender's valuation reference, a borrower surname or the ValEx ID, In addition, this new service allows brokers the opportunity to provide ValEx with additional information to assist with the valuation process of a current job," Hooper said.

The company has assured that information will be secure, and that "sensitive information" will not be accessible on the update site. Hooper spruiked the site's development, claiming it was a first for the industry.

"Nowhere else is a broker able to access a live, 24/7 valuation status update, view the visibility of history, view dates and have the ability to email a ValEx Team member for direct action against a particular job as well as the ability to access a single source for all status updates for current client property valuations," he said.


  • by regional broker 12/03/2012 10:28:21 AM

    anything ValEx to improve the offering would be appreciated. I have long felt that they were set up by valuers for the benfit of valuers ONLY. in days gone by, if a particular valuer knew a market well, you could instruct them. Not anymore. You could talk to the valuer and discuss a valuation, not anymore. We now have a situation where one panel valuer is 125km away from our large regional city and is charging nearly $200 more per valuation and, without intimate local knowledge, are getting valtions wrong, yet we have no choice but to use them. Do the words "Third Line Forcing" or "anti competitive behaviours" ring a bell? ValEx - the pimple on the derriere of our industry!