Vegas or bust for NSW broker

by Adam Smith17 May 2012

A NSW broker has been handed a free trip to Las Vegas, but he's not expecting to break the bank.

Intellitrain has announced that Andrew Campbell of Bay Finance Solutions has won the company's Vegas promotional contest, and Campbell told Australian Broker he plans to head to the States at Christmas.

Campbell said he and his wife have travelled to the US three times in four years, and loved "the vibe". After winning the Intellitrain promotion, Campbell admitted he would try his luck at the casinoes as well.

"I'm not the biggest gambler. It's not what I'm good at, but you can't go to Vegas and not play at least a few rounds of blackjack," he said.

But Campbell said he doesn't expect to beat the house.

"I consider it a win in blackjack if I get to stay at the table for longer than 20 minutes," he said.

Campbell said he chose Intellitrain for his diploma because the course work was challenging. He argued that the trainer provided more than a "token" qualification.

"I have to give Intellitrain a rap for the standard of their training. The Diploma of Financial Services was not an easy course. The last thing you want when you're presented a Diploma is to know it's a token diploma. I hope that their qualifications might become recognised by the industry as pretty tough to get," he said.

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