Veteran brought in to launch brokerage

by Caroline Dann24 Aug 2012

Industry veteran Paul Gollan is helping a major Victorian real estate network launch its own broker arm.

Barry Plant real estate, which operates throughout Victoria and now on Queensland's Gold Coast, is appointing Gollan as its head of the broker business.
Mike McCarthy, CEO of Barry Plant, said mortgage broking was a logical fit for his business.
"The advice home buyers can get from a mortgage broker can be invaluable. They know a lot more than just home loans."
"They factor in the whole cost of buying a property including extras like stamp duty and settlement times and can advise about their real financial position before they put in an offer,” he said.
Gollan said Barry Plant's move was a necessary one in the current industry climate.
"To be honest, I think people are crazy to go to the banks direct for finance when there are mortgage brokers who are able to tap into a much larger range of home loans and broader lending policies, at no additional cost as we are paid by the bank,” he said.




  • by MARK 24/08/2012 6:29:56 PM

    Barry Plant and other real estate groups should stick to their knitting. Most of their ofices are struggling and more to come and they now extend themselves to this!! They also have failed in 2 other attempts.