Westpac lags in adjusting repayments

by Adam Smith06 Feb 2012

Westpac has drawn the ire of consumers by being slow in adjusting home loan repayments.

The bank already drew media attention last week in announcing hundreds of job cuts. The Sydney Morning Herald has now reported many Westpac customers have yet to see their repayments adjusted following last year's rate cuts.

According to Fairfax, home loan customers have been told by Westpac that their new repayments would start in March, though the bank had announced rate cuts effective November 14 and December 19. Westpac has claimed the delay is due to the Christmas period.

A Westpac spokesperson told Fairfax that customers could contact the bank to "amend their repayments earlier if they choose". But Fairfax has claimed the delay in passing on the new repayments allows the bank to raise additional funding without borrowing from financial markets.


  • by Mat 6/02/2012 3:52:49 PM

    Although this list is not complete, I do know that ING, ANZ, and Homeside leave repayments unchanged if rates decrease, unless the client requests otherwise. CBA adjusts repayments each 6 months I believe.
    The Fairfax article was ridiculous. It made it sound like Westpac wasn't passing on the interest rate reduction, when in fact it was, it just left the repayments the same (ie more principal being paid off). This actually helps the majority of clients pay off their loan more quickly (the small number that need the repayments reduced can always request it), and builds a redraw balance to help buffer them against future rate rises.
    You'd almost suspect the journalist is either a financial simpleton or is being intellectually dishonest.