Women’s personal lives ‘interfere with professionalism’

by Caroline Dann21 Sep 2012

At Australian Broker Online, we thought we’d dedicate our Far Out Friday slot to the colourful comments filtering in from our women in broking piece, which clearly stirred-up strong feelings on both sides of the gender equality debate.

The original article, focusing on Port Group CEO Voula Kotsiras’s efforts to attract more women into broking, garnered impassioned reader comments.
For Truth got the ball rolling with a strong call to action for all the hard-done-by men in the industry. 
“It is politically correct to also push females in front of males, I have had enough. It is time we stand up and stop this constant demeaning of men.”
However, Sidbroker really got things heated-up when he claimed his past female employees let “their personal lives interfear [sic] with their professional reliability.”
The forum erupted with colourful retorts.
“Sidbroker: Did you club them on the head before dragging them back to your cave?” said PotKettle.
“Sidbroker, seems the article's hit a nerve. You make blokes look bad and whiney. Just get on with it mate,” said CJ.
“Sibroker, go and do something constructive…write a loan maybe?” replied Interesting.
Chris Vellios focused on the benefits of women in broking.
“I read with amusement at some of the comments here. It is an opinion piece after all. What is factual is that Port Group is a successful and progressive business in the finance broking industry. The article was not anti-men. I for one would love to see more women in finance broking,” he said.
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Read the original article here: Aggregator: Women can make better brokers


  • by Rach 21/09/2012 10:03:27 AM

    Ah, such a laugh I had on these comments - Great way for this female broker to start the day ! Good brokers and good brokers, 'nuff said. Sid and the like will become extinct like dinosaurs do, in all industries... I hope he's have fun with his 'secretary' in the 'snow' with his 'GT3', while he's still a 'super broker'LOL :)

  • by ForTruth 21/09/2012 10:43:11 AM

    As a older Male I am sick to death of media push articles "Women can make better brokers". If as a business i said I stated a need for more alpha Males in my business, their would be an out cry and I would be threaten by the thought police (paid feminazi government depts)
    for the last 30 years this has been relentless. For you young and newage men this is the environment you have been raised and progammed. You bend like the branches of a willow tree. I am claiming status as a minority group, An Australian Father who will not accept any more media reports on attacking men.

  • by Emma Lockwood 21/09/2012 10:55:07 AM

    'Hard done-by men in the industry'!!! Haha that gave me a chuckle, nothing like a bit of tongue in cheek humour for a Friday.
    Re Sidbroker - I think he actually makes a valid point. I have 2 young children and this impacts on my flexibity for my clients. No meetings after 6.30pm or weekend appointments. Even taking a phonecall after hours is difficult. I'm not sure this impacts on my 'professional reliability' though. I am wary of managing my clients expectations upfront ie outlining the process and how long each step taks in that process so that they are not constantly calling seeking updates.
    But it's a challenging industry for women (with children mainly), no doubt about it.