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Jaci Smith My Local Broker is a new player in the mortgage aggregation space, but chief executive Jaci Smith believes an industry shake-up is long overdue. With the aggregator’s purpose-built Chief CRM software, and plans to expand the My Local brand, it might just be time for brokers to sit up and pay attention to the new kid on the block

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    COVER: Productivity not a one-way street

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    STEPHEN MOORE: Servicing sustainability

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    KATHY CUMMINGS: Productivity for prosperity

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    THE BEST OF THE BEST: The new Brokerage of the Year

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    Vaughn Richtor; Axe to grind: Protect small business; Analysis: Building the new BDMs; Caught on camera: Bankwest

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    Mark Haron: ‘Own your business’

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    KIM CANNON: ‘Capturing the customer’; Broker sacrifices independence for future; Veteran: NCCP won’t allow fraud;

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    Cover story: 'Madness in method': EDR faces abuse