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David Kim - The CEO and co-founder of LoanFlare on how the new CRM software will increase the lifetime value of brokers’ clients, facilitate referrals and decrease tedious administration time.

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    COVER: Productivity not a one-way street

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    STEPHEN MOORE: Servicing sustainability

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    KATHY CUMMINGS: Productivity for prosperity

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    THE BEST OF THE BEST: The new Brokerage of the Year

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    Vaughn Richtor; Axe to grind: Protect small business; Analysis: Building the new BDMs; Caught on camera: Bankwest

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    Mark Haron: ‘Own your business’

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    KIM CANNON: ‘Capturing the customer’; Broker sacrifices independence for future; Veteran: NCCP won’t allow fraud;

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    Cover story: 'Madness in method': EDR faces abuse