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Damien Roylance Entourage Finance’s director tells Australian Broker how his Australian Mortgage Award-winning brokerage is using social media to stand out in the competitive Melbourne market

  • AB issue 9.08 AB issue 9.08

    Diploma deadline to bring association ‘chop’; ING Direct against ‘double jeopardy’; Compliance certificates prove a pitfall; Coalface: Making sense of JV’s; Opinion: The truth about vals; Insight: Three successful broker traits; People: Westpac’s Kokoda challenge; Insider: Logic in reverse.

  • AB issue 9.07 AB issue 9.07

    Boutiques big, just not big enough; Broker squads at branch hear you; Clawback fears on the rise; Coalface: SMSFs prove profitable; Analysis Broker numbers to dive; Opinion: NCCP a trip back in time; People: Gollan on decade of change; Caught on camera: Resimac gets specialist.

  • AB issue 9.06 AB issue 9.06

    Cracks to appear in bank dominance; NAB writes new loan doc script; Brokers’ last stand: Aggregators to sell; Viewpoint: Weston on brokers, London; Opinion: Mohnacheff plugs education; Forum: Brokers debate aggregators; People: Advise from Jeremy Fisher; Insider: STDs can really hurt.

  • AB issue 9.05 AB issue 9.05

    Practising certificate impost rejected; ASIC risks ‘independence’ confusion; Westpac details ‘Platinum’ seal; Coalface: Mining, charity benefits brokers; Opinion: Redefining mortgage stress; Toolkit: The right time for an office; Market talk: A healthy dose of fear; People: Industry legend farewelled.

  • AB issue 9.03 AB issue 9.03

    Shorten on brokers: Don’t be rigid; Job cuts to boost broker market; NAB decides segmentation not in stars; Analysis: Homeside’s true colours; Viewpoint: Compliance and MFAA; Insight: Five ways to tap opportunity; Toolkit: Getting into the media; People: Have a loan, and a heart.

  • AB issue 9.02 AB issue 9.02

    Sky’s the limit, as brokers skill up; Brokers tell ACCC to scrap mandatory MFAA; Wholesale aggregator value questioned; The coalface: Brokers report from front line; Analysis: Interest rate ado about nothing; Viewpoint: Surviving the online age; Opinion: Find a niche in ‘abundant’ times; People: Broker New Year’s resolutions

  • AB issue 9.01 AB issue 9.01

    Consolidation the ‘elephant in the room’; MFAA review pits lender against broker; Lenders attack commission complexities; The coalface: Frontline broker reports; Viewpoint: Defying the Europe gloom; News feature: 2012’s best in the business; People: An indigenous literacy odyssey; Caught on camera: Australian Financial

  • AB issue 8.24 AB issue 8.24

    Home lenders next as brokers found wanting; NAB Broker scores with ‘disparity’ removal; Watchdog zeroes in on MFAA membership; News feature: What’s in store for 2012?; Analysis: NAB Broker seeks segments; Insight: The pros of partnership; Toolkit: Demystifying Veda scores; Caught on camera: Deposit Power

  • AB issue 8.23 AB issue 8.23

    Banner year ahead for brokers; Citi follows segmentation trend; Credit unions make comeback; Analysis: Are EDRs injustice for all?; Opinion: Time to change the sales tune; Insight: When to hire… and fire; Market talk: Our interest rate future;