Latest Issue AB issue 13.20 AB issue 13.20

Jaci Smith My Local Broker is a new player in the mortgage aggregation space, but chief executive Jaci Smith believes an industry shake-up is long overdue. With the aggregator’s purpose-built Chief CRM software, and plans to expand the My Local brand, it might just be time for brokers to sit up and pay attention to the new kid on the block

  • AB issue 9.05 AB issue 9.05

    Practising certificate impost rejected; ASIC risks ‘independence’ confusion; Westpac details ‘Platinum’ seal; Coalface: Mining, charity benefits brokers; Opinion: Redefining mortgage stress; Toolkit: The right time for an office; Market talk: A healthy dose of fear; People: Industry legend farewelled.

  • AB issue 9.03 AB issue 9.03

    Shorten on brokers: Don’t be rigid; Job cuts to boost broker market; NAB decides segmentation not in stars; Analysis: Homeside’s true colours; Viewpoint: Compliance and MFAA; Insight: Five ways to tap opportunity; Toolkit: Getting into the media; People: Have a loan, and a heart.

  • AB issue 9.02 AB issue 9.02

    Sky’s the limit, as brokers skill up; Brokers tell ACCC to scrap mandatory MFAA; Wholesale aggregator value questioned; The coalface: Brokers report from front line; Analysis: Interest rate ado about nothing; Viewpoint: Surviving the online age; Opinion: Find a niche in ‘abundant’ times; People: Broker New Year’s resolutions

  • AB issue 9.01 AB issue 9.01

    Consolidation the ‘elephant in the room’; MFAA review pits lender against broker; Lenders attack commission complexities; The coalface: Frontline broker reports; Viewpoint: Defying the Europe gloom; News feature: 2012’s best in the business; People: An indigenous literacy odyssey; Caught on camera: Australian Financial

  • AB issue 8.24 AB issue 8.24

    Home lenders next as brokers found wanting; NAB Broker scores with ‘disparity’ removal; Watchdog zeroes in on MFAA membership; News feature: What’s in store for 2012?; Analysis: NAB Broker seeks segments; Insight: The pros of partnership; Toolkit: Demystifying Veda scores; Caught on camera: Deposit Power

  • AB issue 8.23 AB issue 8.23

    Banner year ahead for brokers; Citi follows segmentation trend; Credit unions make comeback; Analysis: Are EDRs injustice for all?; Opinion: Time to change the sales tune; Insight: When to hire… and fire; Market talk: Our interest rate future;

  • AB issue 8.22 AB issue 8.22

    Be professional, but stay ‘rebels’: MFAA; Broker productivity cause for concern; Commissions face bank cost pressures; News special: PLAN Conference; Analysis: Brokers to go ‘hybrid’; Insight: Fee-for-service experiences; Market talk: Businesses gain demand; Caught on camera: ING Direct.

  • AB issue 8.21 AB issue 8.21

    Beware Refund model, buyers warned; AMAs lauds industry’s finest in 10th year; White label allows for ‘mates rates’; Analysis: The future of refunds; Insight: Learning not to yield; Market talk: Booming in a bust; The AMAs: Winner’s wisdom; Caught on camera: AMAs.