ANZ news

  • Don't expect banks to follow RBA: Kelly by Adam Smith

    Westpac chief Gail Kelly has joined the chorus of bankers warning borrowers may not be so lucky after the next RBA cut

  • Non-banks get in on rate cut action by Adam Smith

    Non-banks have entered the rate cutting fray after major lenders finally moved last week

  • Prolink puts off holidays in Christmas rush by Ben Abbott

    Prolink Finance Solutions’ Muzi Dandachli will be postponing holidays until late January or early February to cope with demand which is having his business colleagues ‘chasing their tails’

  • ANZ blinks first, second tiers and majors follow by Adam Smith

    ANZ has become the first major bank to move in the wake of the RBA's rate cut, followed closely by the other majors and two second tiers

  • No more major mergers: Norris by BN

    Having benefited greatly from a merger during the financial crisis, Commonwealth Bank CEO Ralph Norris has declared that the era of major acquisitions for the Big Four is now over

  • Big four have extra $8.1bn in their pockets by BN

    Having prepared for a worst-case scenario, the major banks suddenly find themselves in the middle of an economic recovery with bad debt write-offs nowhere near what was previously estimated.