Aussie news

  • Cash rate horoscope: Predictions for 2013 by Mackenzie McCarty

    The RBA has cut the cash rate - but is it low enough? Leading economist Shane Oliver and ING Direct's Glenn Baker give Australian Broker the inside scoop on what 2013 holds for mortgage brokers

  • Far out Friday: John Symond's 'Clark Gable' moustache worth $33k by Mackenzie McCarty

    John Symond, along with 43 other moustachioed Aussie staff, has raised more than $30,000 for charity event Movember - but the debate rages: Does Symond's Mo allude to a certain 1930's silver screen heartthrob? Or is it more Tom Selleck-circa-Magnum-PI? You decide

  • Top brokers provide new blood to MFAA board by Mackenzie McCarty

    The MFAA has recruited a number of brokers into a series of MFAA board roles, alongside aggregator and lender representatives

  • New 'refund' broker: 'I learned from Ormond's mistakes' by Mackenzie McCarty

    The chief executive of a newly launched 'refund' model broking business says his company isn't bound for a Refund Home Loans-style funding disaster

  • Insider: You’d better believe it... by BN

    Insider had to give a hearty guffaw recently while listening to Westpac chief economist Bill Evans explain why he believes Australian house prices won't crash, and why he'd be out of a job if he did

  • Broker business booms despite rate settings by BN

    John Symond has released Aussie results which depict a stellar October performance and rising consumer confidence