CBA news

  • Bank calls for more transparency amid Aussie/CBA review by Mackenzie McCarty

    One of Australia's independent banks says it's thrilled with the ACCC's announcement that it will be reviewing CBA's increased ownership of Aussie Home Loans, but has renewed its call for heightened sub-brand transparency

  • ACCC launches CBA/Aussie review by Mackenzie McCarty

    The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission is investigating CBA's takeover of Aussie Home Loans, saying it's concerned about whether the aggregator can continue to be a 'unique or a vigorous' competitor

  • Number of FHB loans down in final months of 2012 by Mackenzie McCarty

    A report on the mortgage industry's final moments in 2012 show first home buyer numbers were down, while the combined market share of the big four increased by nearly 5%

  • CBA breaks $100 billion by Mackenzie McCarty

    CBA has become the first Australian bank in history to reach the $100 billion mark

  • Australian Broker 2012 rehash by Mackenzie McCarty

    As 2012 says its goodbyes, we take a quick look at what happened over the past 12 months - big bank take-overs and baby animals included

  • CBA's Aussie take-over strengthens case for sub-brand transparency: Bankmecu by Mackenzie McCarty

    Bankmecu's managing director says this week's CBA/Aussie Home Loans merger adds fuel to the transparency fire when it comes to multi-brand strategies