FBAA news

  • Budget cuts could impact mortgage decisions by AB

    The FBAA warns budget cuts may cause the housing market to slow and increase pressure on families with mortgages

  • Comment of the Week goes to... by AB

    ​The hot topic last week again centred on a broker who had his accreditation cancelled by a major bank without being given a reason why. Find out who got the best comment

  • 'Aggregation lost its way', says association head by Calida Smylie

    Aggregators have lost their way by not supporting brokers who have had their accreditation cancelled without reason, believes professional association head

  • Little incentive to use LMI, says insurance provider by AB

    LMI players have been criticised recently for the lack of competition within this market – but QBE believes the future of LMI could be threatened unless the government takes one important step

  • Comment of the Week goes to... by AB

    Lack of transparency and disclosure on behalf of lenders and LMI insurers was the hot topic of the week. But who is being left in the dark like mushrooms?

  • Associations accused of not protecting 'scared' brokers by Calida Smylie

    Brokers are too intimidated to speak out about issues affecting them lest it impacts their income and industry associations are not protecting them, claims one disgruntled broker