FBAA news

  • The LMI battle by Adam Smith

    FBAA president Peter White has taken up the banner of LMI transportability, and has said he won’t give up the fight.

  • Lucky you: MFAA, FBAA say new government is 'good news' for brokers by Mackenzie McCarty

    Both Phil Naylor and Peter White agree: Australians made the right choice on Saturday and brokers stand to benefit

  • Comment of the Week goes to Papery by AB

    At Australian Broker, we love a bit of healthy discussion, which is why we honour our favourite comment each week with a lofty little title. Drum-roll please... This week’s winning comment comes from ‘Papery’ and relates to Wednesday’s article discussing whether readers posting comments on broker news sites should be required to provide their full names.

  • Anonymous decision: Broker news comments to remain incognito by AB

    Readers' responses to yesterday's anonymous comment ban suggestion ranged from supportive...to downright dirty

  • Ban anonymous comments on broker news sites: FBAA by AB

    FBAA president, Peter White, is calling for broker news publications to ban comments from anonymous readers as a way to enable 'more mature' debate

  • 'Staggering' membership growth for MFAA, FBAA by Mackenzie McCarty

    Both the MFAA and the FBAA have experienced a membership boom over the past month, despite the former's expulsion of more than 1,000 members earlier this year