FrontRunner news

  • Summer Series: Perfect your account management strategy by AB

    Now is the time to get your sales and account management strategy in place for the year ahead. We speak to Doug Mathlin of FrontRunner Consulting Group for his top tips on getting it right.

  • Refund model revival: Naked Mortgages makes its case by Mackenzie McCarty

    Naked Mortgages' Mathew Graham makes his case for refund brokers, but it's not enough to persuade FrontRunner Consulting's Doug Mathlin in this Australian Broker exclusive video interview

  • Refund model gains new lease on life by AB

    The refund mortgage broker model is making a comeback, but is it something we'll be seeing more of in the future? We speak to Mathew Graham of Naked Mortgages and Doug Mathlin of FrontRunner Consulting for their thoughts on the revival.

  • AB issue 9.18 by AB

    KIM CANNON: ‘Capturing the customer’; Broker sacrifices independence for future; Veteran: NCCP won’t allow fraud;

  • Value add: How much is your service worth? by AB

    Brokers have been urged to take a good hard look at their value proposition if they're thinking of charging an upfront fee. We speak to James Veigli of Broker Profits Vault and Doug Mathlin of FrontRunner Consulting Group for their thoughts on how to successfully change your business model.

  • Brokers beware 'shiny object syndrome' by Adam Smith

    A business specialist has warned brokers must master the basics before trying to dive into social media