HSBC news

  • Lonely economist predicts cash rate rise by Mackenzie McCarty

    One HSBC economist expects the cash rate to reach as high as 3.25% by the end of the year, thanks to Chinese economic recovery

  • TAI claims major bank competition a 'joke' by Mackenzie McCarty

    The Australian Institute has issued a report showing over 50% of big bank shares are owned by the same shareholders – lighting fire to the concept of legitimate competition

  • Economists favour rate cut decision by BN

    An overwhelming majority of economists are expecting the Reserve Bank board to reduce the cash rate again today

  • TV: Being different not easy, even for an economy by Mackenzie McCarty

    The economic outlook is different now than it was five years ago – and consumers don’t like it. Can brokers help ease the pain?

  • Tough times: How to make the most of challenging market conditions by AB

    The property market looks set to remain flat for the remainder of 2012 - and although the turbulent conditions are giving lemons, savvy brokers are still making lemonade. We speak to PETER BROMLEY of LJ Hooker and PAUL BLOXHAM of HSBC for their market outlook.

  • A New Word Order by BN

    There are too many worn out words in the mortgage industry, and commentator Kym Dalton has some suggestions for the scrap heap