ING news

  • Australia’s top franchise brokerage – revealed by Kevin Eddy

    The top franchise brokerage in Australia has been revealed this month by MPA magazine – and it’s not Wendy Higgin’s multi-award-winning Mortgage Choice franchise

  • Out-of-cycle hikes see banks cop it from customers by Adam Smith

    Customers have delivered a message to the majors following February's rate hikes, with the banks declining in satisfaction ratings for the first time since March 2011

  • An unnatural myth by BN

    Have you managed to achieve the elusive dream of work/life balance? Michael Hall from Wildworks give you some pointers

  • Brokers must wield social media sword by Adam Smith

    Brokers must use social media “as a sword” to create client advocacy in a world in which most customers want to interact digitally

  • Fifth, and proud of it: ING Bank by Ben Abbott

    ING Bank has indicated that it will maintain its 'prudent' approach to mortgage lending in an effort to remain a competitive alternative as Australia's fifth largest home lender

  • Diplomas to be a must for Aussie brokers by Adam Smith

    Aussie has announced its intention to require Diplomas for all its accredited brokers