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  • AB issue 9.01 by AB

    Consolidation the ‘elephant in the room’; MFAA review pits lender against broker; Lenders attack commission complexities; The coalface: Frontline broker reports; Viewpoint: Defying the Europe gloom; News feature: 2012’s best in the business; People: An indigenous literacy odyssey; Caught on camera: Australian Financial

  • Brokers tell ACCC: 'Get rid of mandatory MFAA memberships' by Adam Smith

    Brokers have sounded off on an ACCC review into compulsory MFAA membership, expressing their anger with third-line forcing notifications

  • MFAA review sees ING Direct, Mortgage Choice at odds by Adam Smith

    ING Direct and Mortgage Choice policies on compulsory MFAA membership stand in stark contrast, on the back of an ACCC review of the arrangements

  • Australian BrokerNews poll: MFAA all the way by Ben Abbott

    1089 brokers have spoken, and the verdict is in. For most, lenders enforcing mandatory membership of the MFAA is just fine

  • Help is at hand by Adam Smith

    Your customer relationship management (CRM) system could be the secret weapon your business needs – if only you could figure out how to use it. MPA asks IT professionals about the biggest mistakes brokers make when it comes to utilising their systems

  • Mortgage Choice promotes alternatives to big four by BN

    Non-bank lenders and second tier banks are being given a leg up by Mortgage Choice with the franchise group urging its network to consider alternatives to the major banks.