MFAA news

  • Broker associations need consumer focus by Julia Corderoy

    The MFAA and FBAA need to continue to focus on reinventing themselves as an industry body, after a survey revealed that two in three consumers did not know or did not care that their broker was a part of an industry association

  • Non-majors; "the genuine alternative" by

    In this fierce market, gaining market share can be a hard won battle, especially for the non-major banks and non-bank lenders. At the MFAA conference in Melbourne, Australian Broker caught up with some of these lenders to talk through how they'll be approaching the challenge.

  • MFAA partners with mortgage app to streamline broker workflow by Julia Corderoy

    The MFAA has partnered with a technology service provider to assist brokers with capturing, storing and managing supporting docs efficiently

  • Broker market share hits record high by Julia Corderoy

    The total broker market share of new home lending has hit a record high, according to new research by the MFAA

  • Report reveals key threats to broker channel by Maya Breen

    A new MFAA-commissioned study has identified the five biggest threats to brokers

  • MFAA announces new initiatives by

    Australian Broker caught up with Siobhan Hayden at the MFAA conference in Melbourne to discuss newly announced initiatives including an upcoming $1m consumer awareness campaign.