MFAA news

  • Industry heads to front questions over cancelled accreditation by Calida Smylie

    Australian Broker’s coverage of a broker who had his accreditation cancelled without a reason has inspired a meeting between brokers, the heads of industry associations, and senior aggregator staff

  • 2014 Budget "a great opportunity" by

    At last week's MFAA conference, fresh off the back of the budget announcements, we caught up with Mark Woolnough of ING Direct for his take on what the budget means for brokers.

  • Westpac rolls out e-cards by Calida Smylie

    Lose new contacts' business cards almost as soon as you receive them? Westpac is getting round the problem

  • Competition cannot be left to chance, says CEO by Calida Smylie

    The MFAA conference may have been a success, but competition in the lending sector needs to be fired up, says outgoing chief executive Phil Naylor

  • Controversial surgeon gives brokers life lessons by Calida Smylie

    A controversial Australian brain surgeon who irks his colleagues by operating against popular opinion says mortgage brokers must make clients' interests paramount

  • Your business websites suck, adviser tells brokers by Calida Smylie

    ​Have a section on your company website to give information about what you do? Got testimonials on there from former clients? Turns out you’re doing it all wrong, says a social advising expert