MFAA news

  • Time for brokers to make better use of resources by AB

    The 2013 MFAA Conference saw the coming together of the who's who of the mortgage industry and Australian Broker was there to glean some pearls of wisdom from some of the biggest names in broking. This week we turn to Steve Kane of Advantedge who says it's about time brokers made better use of the resources already available to them in order to capitalise on the resulting opportunities.

  • How FOFA will impact brokers by AB

    ING DIRECT's Mark Woolnough says brokers should be paying close attention to FOFA reforms

  • Brokers maintain market share above 40% by AB

    The MFAA says brokers are maintaining a market share above 40%, comparing favourably to foreign peers

  • How FOFA will impact brokers by AB

    Alongside the Future of Financial Advice Reforms, the roles of planners and brokers are converging. For this week's Broker News TV we caught up with Mark Woolnough of ING Direct for his insights into how the industry is embracing these changes.

  • Brokers missing cross-sell opportunities by Adam Smith

    Cross-sell remains a massive opportunity for mortgage brokers, with a quarter of clients saying they're open to obtaining products beyond a home loan

  • Aging broker population unsustainable, says Naylor by Mackenzie McCarty

    MFAA CEO, Phil Naylor, says the organisation plans to tackle issues surrounding a rapidly aging broker population