MFAA news

  • Brokers fly through $100bn mark by Mackenzie McCarty

    Australian mortgage brokers experienced a dramatic surge in lending volumes in 2012 - and it looks like there's nowhere to go but up

  • MFAA applauds strict broker discipline by Mackenzie McCarty

    The MFAA says it agrees with ASIC - stricter regulatory controls must be put in place to protect consumers from rogue brokers

  • AB issue 10.02 by AB

    COVER: Steve Kane: The perils of consolidation

  • Fraud a 'continuing' trend in broking: ASIC by Mackenzie McCarty

    Fraudsters cost Australia a whopping $372.7 million last year alone - and ASIC says the issue is a serious one within the mortgage broking industry

  • Internet no threat to brokers: MFAA by Mackenzie McCarty

    MFAA CEO, Phil Naylor, disagrees with Sarah Roberts, saying flashy new bank websites pose little threat to the broking industry

  • Banks 'stealing' from brokers by Mackenzie McCarty

    Big banks are 'stealing' brokers' business and it's not enough to wait on the MFAA to speak up, says Mortgage House's Sarah Roberts