MFAA news

  • Broking sector to add 'hundreds of jobs' by Adam Smith

    An industry body expects 'hundreds of jobs' to be added to the mortgage broking sector, in spite of speculation that broker numbers are set to shrink

  • 'Disgraceful' ACCC decision derided by Adam Smith

    An industry stakeholder has blasted the "disgraceful" ACCC decision allowing mandatory MFAA membership for some brokers, but claimed the broader market will not be affected

  • 'Amen' to MFAA disclosure stance, say brokers by Mackenzie McCarty

    Brokers have given the MFAA a heavy pat on the back for talking tough to the government on disclosure documentation

  • ACCC upholds mandatory MFAA membership by Adam Smith

    The ACCC has affirmed controversial third-line forcing notifications requiring brokers to be members of the MFAA

  • Ditch disclosure docs, MFAA tells government by Adam Smith

    The MFAA has called on the government to ditch some disclosure documentation required by the NCCP, claiming it confuses brokers and borrowers

  • AB issue 9.09 by AB

    New ‘unfair’ liability as NCCP enhanced; MFAA closely watching commissions; Advantedge spruces up white labels; Forum: Brokers on commission bans; Feature: Business building via BNI; Insight: Three keys to cross-selling; Market talk: Suburbs set to crash; Caught on camera: Vow goes mini.