MFAA news

  • Borrowers less gloomy on housing by Adam Smith

    Borrowers are becoming more optimistic, and their confusion surrounding mortgage products represents an opportunity for brokers

  • Brokers leaving money on the table by Adam Smith

    Brokers are leaving money on the table with borrowers, with fewer than half of consumers being offered risk products

  • Red tape: Brokers caught in compliance trap by AB

    Brokers are backing the MFAA's calls for the government to simplify disclosure documentation regulations. We speak to VICKI GREY of Gadens Lawyers and KELLIE LAM of Abacus Home Loans for their thoughts on how to improve the system

  • Short and sweet, just how ASIC likes it by Jackie Pearson

    Just days after the MFAA said it wasn't happy with three different disclosure documents, advice out of ASIC says the regulator likes it short and sweet

  • Watchdog threatens banks on comparison rates by Adam Smith

    A top broker has claimed comparison rates are unhelpful to consumers, as ASIC zeroes in on banks who are failing to correctly advertise them

  • Broking sector to add 'hundreds of jobs' by Adam Smith

    An industry body expects 'hundreds of jobs' to be added to the mortgage broking sector, in spite of speculation that broker numbers are set to shrink