MFAA news

  • Uneducated, educated: Where do you stand? by Mackenzie McCarty

    Australian Broker has been inundated with opinion on how seriously other professionals take brokers, depending on education level

  • Uneducated brokers not taken seriously by Adam Smith

    A trainer has claimed accountants, financial planners and real estate agents do not take brokers seriously as referral partners due to a lack of industry education

  • MFAA ensuring 'survival of the fittest' by Mackenzie McCarty

    MFAA CEO Phil Naylor has claimed member numbers have stablised, and that the group is focused on helping new entrants remain in the industry

  • Top brokers return with mentor offering by Mackenzie McCarty

    Former MPA Top 100 broker Mario Borg and stalwart Andrew Tan are set to return to the mortgage industry with a new mentoring program for new-to-industry brokers

  • Trainer ramps up ahead of Diploma deadline by Adam Smith

    Intellitrain has had to ramp up its assessor numbers as the 30 June diploma deadline looms for MFAA members

  • Best of the best ... for those who remember it by Adam Smith

    Last year's MFAA conference may be a blur to many bleary-eyed participants who hung around a bit too long at the FirstMac party, but it's drawn the attention of industry awards honouring big events