MFAA news

  • New Diploma a gateway to fee-for-service by Adam Smith

    Intellitrain has stated that its new Diploma program could help pave the way for fee-for-service

  • AB issue 8.22 by AB

    Be professional, but stay ‘rebels’: MFAA; Broker productivity cause for concern; Commissions face bank cost pressures; News special: PLAN Conference; Analysis: Brokers to go ‘hybrid’; Insight: Fee-for-service experiences; Market talk: Businesses gain demand; Caught on camera: ING Direct.

  • COSL denies consumers 'buying time' with disputes by

    COSL has denied claims by the MFAA of a growing trend of borrowers filing financial hardship claims to "buy time"

  • A question of qualifications by BN

    The benefits of education are being debated as the MFAA raises the minimum bar. Are there real benefits for brokers? We asked the educators for their take

  • MFAA AGM by BN

    With the lenders being able to lower commissions a...

  • Mortgage Choice backs MFAA member "cull" by BN

    The MFAA's decision to end the memberships of 1,500 mortgage brokers who failed to obtain a Certificate IV qualification has the support of Mortgage Choice