MFAA news

  • MFAA puts power in members’ hands by

    As the MFAA announces proposed changes to its election structure, Australian Broker catches up with President Tim Brown for the reasoning behind them.

  • EXCLUSIVE: MFAA could propose Naylor replacement soon by Adam Smith

    On the back of announcing sweeping changes to its board structure, the MFAA has said it hopes to soon put forward a replacement for departing CEO Phil Naylor

  • BREAKING: MFAA to hand more power to brokers by Adam Smith

    The MFAA has proposed sweeping changes to its structure, which would see it handing more power to its members

  • Why some borrowers skip over brokers by Adam Smith

    Nearly 40% of customers who choose to go direct to banks believe it's more convenient than using a broker, and more than a quarter believe they'll get a better deal

  • Skills you need to bring in new talent by

    An increasing focus on mentoring has led to an emphasis on mentor quality. Australian Broker drops in on the MFAA 'Train the mentor' sessions to learn more.

  • ​Phil Naylor : Leaving a Legacy by Adam Smith

    ​As the MFAA CEO prepares for the end of his tenure at the organisation’s helm, he looks back at where mortgage broking has come from and ahead to where it’s going