MFAA news

  • Mentors a guiding light to career success by AB

    New entrants can find the mortgage broking world a maze, but mentors can offer valuable direction and guidance. We speak to Nancy Youssef of Classic Mentoring and Coaching, Graham Wearn of AMW Wealth and Sally Ashcroft of Finanz Essentials for their thoughts on how mentoring can add value to a business.

  • MFAA warns brokers against Whittingham by Mackenzie McCarty

    The MFAA has finally come out to warn brokers specifically about the activities of Buy a Trail and its director Mark Whittingham, following a warning issued by Consumer Affairs Victoria

  • First test for white labels is client interest by Mackenzie McCarty

    Another aggregator executive has warned against brokers selling white labels based on special inducements

  • Brokers warned against 'one-dimensional' sale by Mackenzie McCarty

    A leading insurnace broking firm has urged mortgage brokers to focus on the range of cross-sell opportunities that exist within a client lifecycle

  • Trainer swamped in Diploma assessment rush by BN

    One trainer has reported being inundated by brokers who are on track for completing their Diploma courses

  • MFAA mentor training courses lauded by Mackenzie McCarty

    The MFAA's mentor training programs have been recognised at a national training awards event