MFAA news

  • AB issue 9.23 by AB


  • Working from home not for everyone, warns broker by BN

    The government thinks more workers will consider at-home offices once the NBN is completed, but Get Real Finance’s Kelly Cameron-Tull warns working from home is not always ideal

  • Price setting brokers face conflict of interest by Mackenzie McCarty

    Brokers who are able to set the price of the product they recommend to consumers could face an 'irreconcilable' conflict of interest, according to advice from Gadens Lawyers

  • $100 billion: Brokers set to crack benchmark by BN

    Mortgage brokers are expected to break through the $100 billion mark in lending volumes by the end of the 2012 calendar year

  • Fierce sales tactics threaten commissions by AB

    Brokers have been urged to put their clients' interests before commissions when selling white label products, amid fears ASIC may step in. We speak to Kim Cannon of FirstMac and Jon Denovan of Gadens Lawyers for their thoughts on sales tactics and pending changes to the MFAA's conflict module.

  • Trained mentors beat the best brokers by BN

    Trained mentors are better at helping new entrants survive the gruesome attrition statistics that face any prospective new broker starting their career