MFAA news

  • Canadians may scrap mortgage model by Adam Smith

    The Canadian mortgage bond model touted by the MFAA may be headed for the scrap bin

  • War of words: Brokers divided over qualifications by AB

    The debate continues over MFAA-mandated education requirements, with many asking how much further will it go? We speak to JOHN MOHNACHEFF of Liberty Financial and SALLY RICHARDS of Smartline for their thoughts on the future of broker qualifications.

  • Exit fee ban a clear failure: MFAA by Adam Smith

    The government's exit fee ban has done nothing to encourage lender competition according to one industry figure

  • Industry must help ASIC weed out dodgy brokers by Adam Smith

    An industry figure has claimed associations must aid ASIC in weeding out dishonest brokers, as the regulator is often alerted to non-compliance through the industry's disciplinary actions

  • MFAA blasts major bank dominance by Mackenzie McCarty

    The MFAA has come out in defence of brokers and mortgage borrowers who it says are 'paying the price' of dwindling lending competition as non-banks 'wither on the vine'

  • Brokers: Cowboys can no longer sleep easy by Mackenzie McCarty

    The ASIC banning of Victorian broker Ravind Prasad is a warning to the cowboys of the industry, say brokers: "You can no longer sleep well at night".