NAB Broker news

  • 'Red carpet' strategy brings better business: Lee by Adam Smith

    Macquarie will continue to employ a “red carpet” approach to draw broker business, and has no plans to employ a segmentation strategy

  • Segmentation not in the stars for NAB by Adam Smith

    NAB has revealed it has no plans to move back to a segmentation strategy after abolishing its ‘outdated’ broker star rating program in November

  • Homeside rebrand more than 'sticker and pretty colours' by Adam Smith

    NAB has announced new efforts to bring Homeside closer to the major bank brand, by creating a "stronger visual link" through a new re-branding campaign

  • Keep it simple, say brokers on commissions by Ben Abbott

    Brokers have welcomed changes to Suncorp's commission structure, which they argue is indicative of a broader shift towards simplicity

  • Homeside separation right approach: Flavell by Adam Smith

    NAB Broker's John Flavell has defended the separate positioning of Homeside products and the bank's branch-based offerings

  • AB issue 8.24 by AB

    Home lenders next as brokers found wanting; NAB Broker scores with ‘disparity’ removal; Watchdog zeroes in on MFAA membership; News feature: What’s in store for 2012?; Analysis: NAB Broker seeks segments; Insight: The pros of partnership; Toolkit: Demystifying Veda scores; Caught on camera: Deposit Power