NAB Broker news

  • Brokers bring better clients by

    Anthony Waldron and Steve Kane of NAB tell Australian Broker how the customers brokers bring to them are superior to many other sources.

  • MFAA nets big bank sponsor by Calida Smylie

    The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia has netted a major player as its new corporate sponsor

  • AB issue 11.05 by

    COVER: Matt Lawler

  • Brokers must diversify to survive, say lenders by AB

    Lenders continue to beat the diversification drum, claiming brokers must become full suite advisers giving debt, planning, wealth and insurance advice to keep up with the market.

  • AB issue 11.04 by

    COVER: Steve Kane

  • The changing demands of customers by AB

    On this week's Australian Broker TV, NAB Broker's Steve Kane discusses the shifting expectations of consumers and how brokers should respond, as well as other hot topics at this year’s Australian Mortgage Conference.