NAB Broker news

  • Brokers outdo banks on conversions by

    A major bank figure has rubbished criticism of broker conversion ratios, saying brokers are actually outdoing lenders.

  • AB issue 9.06 by AB

    Cracks to appear in bank dominance; NAB writes new loan doc script; Brokers’ last stand: Aggregators to sell; Viewpoint: Weston on brokers, London; Opinion: Mohnacheff plugs education; Forum: Brokers debate aggregators; People: Advise from Jeremy Fisher; Insider: STDs can really hurt.

  • 'Bad and clunky' construction lending on the way out by Adam Smith

    A major bank lender has said that 'bad and clunky' construction lending will be a thing of the past after improvements are implemented

  • Australian BrokerNews Forum: Viva NAB, Viva Flavell! by Ben Abbott

    Refreshing. Perfectly said. Well done. That's the consensus among brokers online, who logged in yesterday to say "Good onya Johnny"

  • Nothing 'ignorant or apathetic' about equality: Flavell by Adam Smith

    NAB Broker's distribution head has taken aim at competitors criticising the bank for shelving its segmentation model

  • NAB to rewrite loan document 'horror stories' by Adam Smith

    NAB Broker has set a timetable for its move to a single loan document packet, saying it was responding to "horror stories" about its previous document packs