NAB news

  • Rigoni attacks big bank broker dominance by Ben Abbott

    Maria Rigoni has resurfaced to rail against the power of the big banking institutions, which she argues have killed off independent brokers

  • ANZ blinks first, second tiers and majors follow by Adam Smith

    ANZ has become the first major bank to move in the wake of the RBA's rate cut, followed closely by the other majors and two second tiers

  • Homeside separation right approach: Flavell by Adam Smith

    NAB Broker's John Flavell has defended the separate positioning of Homeside products and the bank's branch-based offerings

  • AB issue 8.24 by AB

    Home lenders next as brokers found wanting; NAB Broker scores with ‘disparity’ removal; Watchdog zeroes in on MFAA membership; News feature: What’s in store for 2012?; Analysis: NAB Broker seeks segments; Insight: The pros of partnership; Toolkit: Demystifying Veda scores; Caught on camera: Deposit Power

  • 'Thank Jesus' for the Australian BrokerNews forum! by Ben Abbott

    Who was recently moved to exclaim "Thank you Jesus!" on Australian BrokerNews' leading online forum - and why did they say it?

  • NAB Broker 'disparity' removal welcomed by Ben Abbott

    Aggregators have welcomed moves from NAB Broker to remove differences between its '4 Star' brokers and its other broker segments, labelling it a "positive step" from the lender