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  • ABA slams SA bank tax as “triple dipping” by Miklos Bolza

    The major banks have also condemned the state’s surprise budget move, expressing their concerns about the newly announced levy

  • AB issue 14.11 by

    Michael Perkins - Giant Finance Group entered the aggregation space just three months ago, but already it is making waves with its small-scale, relationship-focused business strategy that revolves around boosting brokers’ prospects

  • Bank levy passes in the Senate by

    The bank tax will likely be reviewed in two years to see if it is having the desired outcomes on budget repair

  • Treasury delays first bank levy payment by Miklos Bolza

    In his second reading speech on the bank levy bill, the Treasurer also stressed that costs are not to be passed onto the consumer

  • ABA demands further details on bank levy by Miklos Bolza

    The industry association has requested additional information about the proposed levy through a letter sent to the Treasury

  • Treasury bank briefing called “complete shambles” by Miklos Bolza

    Senior banking executives have been heavily critical of last week’s meeting with government about the Budget’s bank levy