Mark Haron news

  • AB issue 9.19 by AB

    Mark Haron: ‘Own your business’

  • Broker consolidation to mirror planning industry by Mackenzie McCarty

    A leading aggregation head claims consolidation in the mortgage broking sector will likely pave the way for new boutique aggregators to emerge

  • Off limits: Brokers no longer spoiled for lender choice by AB

    Brokers no longer have the freedom they once had to use the lender of their choice and it's taking a toll on the wider industry. We speak to Mark Haron of Connective and Barrie Gaubert of Iden Group for their thoughts on why the environment is more restrictive and what impact it's having on the smaller players.

  • TV: Aggregators get their gloves off by Mackenzie McCarty

    AFG and Connective representatives say if you haven't noticed the intensity of current aggregator competition, you should have another look

  • Gloves off: Aggregators battle it out for market share by Mackenzie McCarty

    Aggregators are going head-to-head in their bid for greater market share - so how can brokers ensure they're getting the best deal? Australian Broker TV speaks to Chris Slater of AFG and Mark Haron of Connective for their thoughts on competition in the industry.

  • Segmentation not in the stars for NAB by Adam Smith

    NAB has revealed it has no plans to move back to a segmentation strategy after abolishing its ‘outdated’ broker star rating program in November