Tanya Sale news

  • Peer-to-peer mortgages: Opportunity or threat? by Amy Rosenfeld

    A new alternative to bank-funded mortgages has taken hold overseas and it's 'just a matter of time' before it hits the Australian market.

  • SMSF Round Table by AB

    Brokers are constantly hearing that SMSFs are the next big thing, but do they need any special training or upskilling to get involved in this growing industry? A panel of industry experts offer Australian Broker their insights.

  • Laziness a key problem around salaries for new brokers: CEO by AB

    New brokers who are offered a salary fail to ignite the 'fire in their belly', according to Outsource Financial CEO, Tanya Sale

  • Laziness key problem around salaries for new brokers by AB

    This week we focus on the often-raised question of whether the industry should be attracting fresh blood by offering salaries to new brokers. Tanya Sale, CEO of Outsource Financial, acknowledges it's a thorny issue but worries that paying starting salaries will breed complacency.

  • finconnect boss slams fast-track planner courses by BN

    Tanya Sale, general manager of aggregator finconnect, has slammed training providers that offer quick-fire financial planning conversion courses for brokers