Wayne Swan news

  • Swan's song: How the Budget hits brokers by Adam Smith

    In the wake of Treasurer Wayne Swan's Budget, Australian Broker examines how the eagerly awaited plan will affect you, your family and even your consumption of grog and cigarettes

  • Borrowers getting 'crumbs' from rate cuts: Symond by Adam Smith

    Aussie chairman John Symond has called on the RBA to make steep rate cuts, saying it would be "a farce" should consumers not see a 25bp reduction

  • Those hard luck banks by BN

    The banks are copping it from all sides - lucky the RBA came to the rescue

  • Lenders lent Lenten lesson by BN

    The Lenten Season is a time for self-denial. Whether it be laying off the grog, cutting down on fatty foods or vowing not to get angry at something Wayne Swan has said or done...

  • Round and round we go by BN

    And they’re off! The RBA is first out of the gates, followed by ANZ, who is odds-on favourite to follow by exactly two lengths to the finish line

  • Impact of exit fee abolition up for debate by BN

    More than a quarter of a million mortgages were sold after last year’s July 1 deadline for abolishing exit fees but the ban’s impact on competition remains uncertain.