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  • AB issue 14.15 by

    John Manciameli - Slipstream is Australia’s first independent aggregator dedicated to helping brokers diversify into the investment property market and tap into a lucrative revenue stream by assisting clients in achieving their property aspirations

  • 6% interest rates needed for house price decline by YIP

    Analysts say borrowers should not discount chances that higher interest rates could burst a bubble created by the Reserve Bank

  • Gen Y think beyond finance by External

    “Most brokers can get a loan, but young professionals and first home buyers want more than that."

  • 'Grandfathering' won't prevent negative gearing woes by AB

    Grandfathering existing negative gearing arrangements under Labor's reform proposal will not protect anyone, a property lobby has warned

  • Chinese buyers set to target new Australian city by AB

    Australia has been identified as as the number one market for Chinese residential buyers in a recent survey, but Chinese investors are eyeing a new capital city

  • Mortgage delinquencies on the rise, says Moody's by AB

    Changing economic conditions at home and abroad will result in an increase in the number of Australian mortgage delinquencies in the coming year