RBA news

  • RBA alarmed by weak housing by Adam Smith

    The Reserve Bank has expressed concern that recovery may be some way away for the housing sector

  • RBA cut held banks’ ‘feet to the fire’ by Adam Smith

    The Reserve Bank’s 50bp cut, in one economist’s view, was an attempt to “hold the banks’ feet to the fire” on mortgage rates.

  • Banks off RBA leash, say brokers by Mackenzie McCarty

    A new survey claims that mortgage brokers believe major banks have now sidelined the RBA as a setter of mortgage rates in Australia

  • Aggregator to banks: Time to share the wealth by Mackenzie McCarty

    One of the market's largest aggregators has said that major bank rate cuts should be 'meaningful' or risk a continued market stagnation

  • NAB, CBA move, but not all the way by Mackenzie McCarty

    CBA has proved the most generous of the major banks in the latest round of variable rate cuts that have follwed the RBA's Tuesday cut

  • Top brokers unsure of bank rate cut reaction by Mackenzie McCarty

    Leading brokers have expressed uncertainty as to how much of the RBA's cash rate reduction will be passed on and are expecting banks to 'duck and weave'