RBA news

  • Cash rate widely predicted to hold by Madelin Tomelty

    With the RBA going into their monthly board meeting tomorrow, many are predicting an outcome that will see the cash rate left at 1.5% well into 2017

  • Low interest rates, not negative gearing to blame for unaffordability? by Madelin Tomelty

    Negative gearing may merely be the scapegoat in the ongoing affordability debate, according to the AFR, citing it is low interest rates that are the real culprit

  • Sydney’s market will plateau, not plummet: Citi by Madelin Tomelty

    In its latest report, Citi Research Economics has stated that a drastic correction in the property market is unlikley

  • One in four millennials stressed over potential rate rise by Madelin Tomelty

    25% of Australian millennials are concerned they won’t be able to service their mortgages if interest rates increase by 1.5%

  • Prepare for cash rate increase, says OECD by Madelin Tomelty

    The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has urged the Reserve Bank of Australia to prepare the nation for increases in the official interest rate, or risk a property market blowout.

  • AB issue 13.23 by

    Damien Roylance Entourage Finance’s director tells Australian Broker how his Australian Mortgage Award-winning brokerage is using social media to stand out in the competitive Melbourne market