Using an online home loan calculator or mortgage calculator is the most convenient way to help you assess your mortgage payment options. Choose any of our 17 easy-to-use interactive calculators and tools below to help you model any complex mortgage and investment related scenarios.

Important Note: All calculators are a guide only and should not be considered a quote, a loan offer, or investment advice. Other criteria may need to be considered and before taking out a loan you should consult your financial adviser.
Home Loan Calculators
  • How Much Can I Borrow? Mortgage Calculator

    This calculator provides an estimate of the maximum you can borrow, taking into account your monthly income and expenditure and current interest rates. This calculator also builds in a buffer for interest rate rises.

  • Income and Expenditure Worksheet

    Use the income and expenditure worksheet to calculate how much you can afford to borrow.

  • Home Loan Repayment Calculator

    Enter the interest rate, the term of the loan and the amount you are borrowing to get the minimum monthly repayment and the amount of interest paid.

  • Mortgage Repayment Calculator Advanced

    As well as calculating the loan repayment and the total interest paid the mortgage repayment calculator advanced shows the effect of making additional repayments and redraws and produces a table showing the full loan amortisation.

  • Fixed vs Variable Interest Rate Calculator

    This simulator allows you to analyse the choice of a fixed or variable rate by modeling changes in the variable interest rate and comparing the amount repaid during the period and the outstanding loan balance at the end of the period.

Cost of Buying
Investment Calculators
  • Term Deposit Yield Calculator

    This calculator allows the user to determine which term deposits offer the highest yields.

  • Retirement Savings Calculator

    The Retirement Savings Calculator provides an estimate of the amount of money you will save by the time you retire and the number of years these savings will last you in your retirement.

  • Can I Afford An Investment Property?

    This tool provides an estimate of how much an investment property will cost. It combines the cash operating revenue and the cash operating expenses with the change in the amount of income tax paid to measure the net change in the investors income due to the investment property.

Comparison Tools
  • Rent vs Buy

    This tool allows you to compare your estimated financial position after seven years of renting with your estimated financial position after seven years of home loan repayments.

  • Buy Then Sell or Sell Then Buy

    This estimator provides an indication of the costs you will face depending on the order in which you sell your old home and buy your new one.

  • Relocation Timeline

    This calculator takes your specific moving details and produces a customized timeline. This can then be printed out in the form of a checklist to tick off tasks as they are completed.

Tax Calculators
  • Stamp Duty Calculator

    Work out how much you'll owe the tax department for stamp duty on your home and on the amount you borrow.

  • Capital Gains Tax Estimator

    This estimator provides an indication of the amount of capital gains tax you may be required to pay on an investment property.

  • Simple Capital Gains Tax Estimator

    This estimator provides an indication of the amount of capital gains tax you may be required to pay on an investment property.

  • Negative Gearing Calculator

    This calculator is designed to give residential property investors an estimate of the net income effect of owning an investment property.